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Getting Started

  • Account creation for Zidishops

    You can create a Zidishops account using your email address.

    Tip: Please keep in mind that the Email address  must be valid, because, a validation link will be sent to that Email address.

    • At the top of the page, click the 'Account Login/Register' option.
    • Choose an email address, create a password, and confirm the password.
    • Choose "I am a vendor" if you want to offer your products on Zidishops. If not, select "I am a customer".

    You're ready to go when you click 'Register.'

    Your account with Zidishops will be created right away. Zidishops will send you an email with a validation link. Log in to your email account and click the link emailed to you, and you'll be sent to your new Zidishops account!

  • Can I have multiple Zidishops accounts?

    You may only have one account on Zidishops, this is in keeping with Zidishops' commitment to maintaining a safe marketplace.

    If you need more than one account on Zidishops, please let us know and we'll look into it.

    You can reactivate your account instead of creating a new one if you've already deactivated it.

    You can reset your password for an existing Zidishops account in this link if you've forgotten it.

  • Seller Chat Apps

  • Chat - Add Chat applications
    To add an App,
    1. Click on the App Icon
    2. Enter your existing details for the App.
    For instance, to add a Facebook Page
    • Click on the Messenger icon.
    • Add your Facebook page Name or ID (Example: )

    You can do the same same for the other Apps.

    See this YouTube video to see how to find your Facebook ID:

    For other applications

    • WhatsApp:
      Enter your WhatsApp number

    • Viber:
      Enter your Viber number
    • Skype:
      Enter your Skype number, username or skype name:
    • Twitter:
      Enter your Twitter username

    You can do the same for the remaining Apps.

    If your Chat application is on a different Website, you can enter a custom link by clinking on one of these icons:

  • Chat - Accepted applications

    Zidishops  makes it very easy for you to connect with your potential customers via their favorite social media channels like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE,  Telegram, Slack, TikTok, and more.

  • Buying and Selling

  • How do I make payment to the seller or vendor?

    Zidishops is essentially a platform that connects customers and sellers through purchasing and selling. We give our buyers and sellers the option to agree on which payment method is best for both sides!
    As a result, buyers and sellers will choose the payment method.

    You can pay using these suggested methods as well:

    1. Meet-up and cash on delivery
    2. Bank transfer

    You can use other means of payments, but please make sure you are free from any doubt before sending money to any seller/vendor.

  • How do I sell on Zidishops?

    1. From the main Menu, click on "Sell on Zidishops"

    Sell on Zidishops

    1. Click on "Start selling now"

    If you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the Login page. From there you can log in and click on "Sell on Zidishops" again as described above.

    1. Once you arrive at the Dashboard, you will click on either "GO TO VENDOR DASHBORD" (if already a vendor) or "BECOME A VENDOR" (if you are not yet a vendor)

    1. You will now be redirected to the Vendor dashboard. From here, click on "Products"

    A ZIDI - Subscription is required in order to sell on Zidishops.

    If you do not have a valid Subscription or if your Subscription has expired, you will see a message that says: "Sorry! You can not add or publish products."

    This simply means that, you will have to update your Subscription. Click on the green button to go to the Subscription page.

    1. If all is ok at Number 4, then you will be able to add your products and start selling. Once in the "Products" page, click on ADD NEW PRODUCT

    1. You can now add your product


    • 1A : Main Photo area
    • 1B : Additional Photos
    • 2 : Product Name
    • 3 : Product current price
    • 4 : Product discount price
    • 5 : Product categories
    • 6 : Product Tags (You can create Tags or use available tags)
    • 7 : Product Description
    • 8 : Create Product and close the window
    • 9 : Create product and add more


    After adding the new product, you can now add additional details for the product as you wish.

  • ZIDI-Subscriptions

    Zidishops offers vendors multiple options to help them sell their products effectively.

    Currently there are FOUR types of Subscriptions.

    1. ZIDI-A : Starter
    2. ZIDI-B : Bronze
    3. ZIDI-C : Silver
    4. ZIDI-D : Gold


    This subscription is meant for sellers that wish to sell few items for a very short period of time.

    Duration: 7 Days
    Number of products: 150 products


    This subscription is meant for sellers that wish to sell on a monthly basis.

    Duration: 30 Days
    Number of products: 250 products


    This subscription is meant for medium scale sellers.

    Duration: 90 Days
    Number of products: 500 products


    This subscription is meant for large scale sellers that wish to sell unlimited number of items

    Duration: 180 Days
    Number of products: Unlimited products

    To Buy a Subscription

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